Do you have a great idea or product that you want to get to market? BPM can help!

The professionals at BPM can provide specific or turnkey services in:

•  business and marketing plans           • materials and capabilities
•  supplier selection                                  •  product testing
•  production qualification                        •  warehousing and distribution

BPM will also use its expertise in Supplier Management, GMPs, HACCP and Lean Enterprise to ensure quality and efficiency is built in every step of the way.

Most ‘consultants' can only take you so far. BPM will help develop your idea from initial concept to full commercialization . Not only do they source materials and suppliers, BPM can actually engineer and install the equipment to bring your product to life. BPM provides complete Project Engineering and Project Management Services. They will also guide you on the best practices used in business and manufacturing to keep your operation lean and low-cost from day one.

You can have confidence that your intellectual property is always protected. BPM provides its services under strict confidentiality agreements.

For more Information call: 705-790-8086.

Serving Toronto, Barrie, and South Central Ontario.