Even the best run companies have areas of untapped potential. BPM is skilled
in finding these hidden opportunities and bringing them to reality for its clients.

BPM uses not only competitive sourcing and negotiations but also employs:

•  Lean Enterprise               •  Six Sigma
•  SPC                                    •  Reliability Systems and Maintenance
•  ERP                                    •  Engineering Products
•  TPM                                    •  Quick Changeovers
•  Kaizen                                •  Scrap Reduction
•  Supplier Management    •  Continuous Improvement

to improve the bottom line in a quick and sustainable fashion.

In 2005, BPM will save one client $250,000 (30% of budget).

Let BPM Solutions show you how you can enjoy savings like these today. Call: 705-790-8086

Serving Toronto, Barrie, and South Central Ontario.