BPM offers dry and liquid co-packing services for large and small customers alike. As a copacker, or contract manufacturer, BPM has the capability to take your product idea and convert it into the packaging format you desire, whether it be stand-up pouch, bottle, jar, portion pack or club pack, to name a few. Mix and blend facilities are also available on-site.

BPM has a complete line of automatic and semi-automatic packaging equipment which provide the flexibility and low cost to allow you to produce quickly and effectively into your market. BPM can also provide supply chain support services to source all materials, manage the logistics, produce and warehouse your products seamlessly to your operation . a complete turnkey package.

BPM also conducts product development for its clients under strict confidentiality agreement. You can develop from initial concept, or fine-tune your product at a reasonable price, and quickly, with the assurance that your product ideas and formulae are not disclosed to anyone outside of the organization.

BPM offers services and capabilities that few other co-packers can. For a free quote phone:

Serving Toronto , Barrie , and South Central Ontario.