The staff at BPM have saved millions of dollars for their stakeholders over the years. In 2005, BPM will save one Canadian beverage company over $250,000 annually, or 30% of budget.

Many companies don't have the time or resources to get the best deal.
BPM applies professional sourcing and negotiating techniques to assure quality, price and reliable supply for its clients.

BPM Solutions applies:

•  Benchmarking                                 •  ERP, MRPII, Suppy Chain Management
•  Supplier Managed Inventory         •  Lean Manufacturing
•  Six Sigma                                         •  Spend Analysis
•  GMPs                                                •  HACCP
•  ISO 9001

to get excellent value for its clients.

BPM will work hard to save you money. And BPM will also provide you its expertise in World Class Supplier Management and Quality Systems so you can get the very best from your supply base.

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